Rock, Pop & Film Online including The Gary Moore Collection Part III

Tuesday, 26 April 2022 15:20

Rock, Pop & Film Online including The Gary Moore Collection Part III

Ending from 4 May 2022, 12:00 BST

London, Knightsbridge

Bonhams, London are holding an online auction of a selection of Gary Moore owned and played guitars, amplifiers, speaker cabinets and effects units. Bidding is now open online.

Equipment that saw use across Gary’s playing career, from the hard rocking 1980’s up to his final live performance in 2010, so these items have Gary’s playing and recording history, all over them. The items appear on a number of albums and live shows, from the early 1980’s albums “Victims of the Future” and “Run for Cover” via the 1990’s recordings “Still got the Blues”, “After Hours”, “Blues For Greeny,” and “Around The Next Dream” by BBM, and onto the 2000’s with “Back to the Blues,” “SCARS,” “Power of the Blues,” Close as you get” and his final studio album “Bad for you Baby” in 2008.

Nearly every item is featured on at least one if not more of Gary’s recording’s or live performances.

Guitars included in the auction are 2 touring sunburst Gibson Les Pauls along with a Les Paul Goldtop, and a Flying Vee used during the performance of the “Blues for Jimi” show in London, in 2007. A 1990 #1 Heritage Gary Moore Signature CM150 guitar, with the serial number G11101/001, so the first one of a limited series of 75 guitars. And a 1961 Gibson SGTV Junior seen on the “Blues for Greeny” live show in 1995.

A Gibson EB3 bass 1962, used by Gary and the late Jack Bruce on demo writing sessions and during the BBM (Baker, Bruce, Moore) album recording and press photos. And offered to Jack for use during the 2005 Cream reunion shows at the Royal Albert Hall.

The 1988 Jackson guitar was commissioned directly from Grover Jackson at Jackson Guitars to reflect the image on the rear cover of the 1989 album “After the War”(Virgin Records CDV 2575), this is the only one made with this custom paintwork, so a complete one off!!

Also, the auction features a rare early prototype of the 2013 Gibson Les Paul Gary Moore Signature guitar.

Marshall are well represented with amps from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s alongside a 1966 vintage JTM45 amp and a 1973 1930 Popular 1 x12” 10 watt combo. Speaker cabinets date from live tours in 1984, 1987, 1994, 2001 and 2004.

A pair of Fender combos used on the “Still got the Blues” and the “After Hours” album sessions are included along with a Soldano Hot Rod 50, used on the 1992/3 “Blues Alive” and “Live Blues” recordings.

Effects units feature an early reissue Waktins (WEM) Copicat Valve Tape Echo Unit,
1991, 'Gold Varispeed' model, and this unit was the precursor to the 'Super Shadow' version and sourced directly from the late Charlie Watkins. Also, a stage and studio used Kendrick Reverb Unit, a very rare Cornell Fuzz Face reissue pedal and a rare vintage 1960’s Marshall Supa Fuzz pedal.

Such a wide selection of equipment from across Gary’s career is bound to be of interest to fans or other musicians looking for a vintage piece or just a memento of Gary’s extraordinary legacy.